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Wichita Falls TX Photography Session Style Tips

Session Style Tips

So you’ve booked a session…great! Now comes the daunting question of “what do I wear?!”

Don’t panic. Below are some simple style guidelines to help your session reflect you and your natural style!

Above all Else.

Back away from the all white shirts with denim jeans combo. I repeat, back away!

Your goal should be  to coordinate colors, but don’t match. Choose a color palette that includes several neutral colors and a few colors that will really make your outfit pop. If your guy is wearing plaid, try to stay away from small checkered patterns and stick with large square patterns on these shirts!!


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Ladies First.

It tends to be easier to choose outfits for females than men. I recommend choosing the ladies outfits first, then pulling colors from those outfits into his clothes to complement.

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The Bits & Pieces

Accessories can add A LOT to your look! Try to have each person have one accessory. For the ladies I suggest a funky scarf, bracelet, necklace, hairpieces, or some colorful heels. As for the guys, don’t be afraid to rock suspenders, a hat or a jacket! Accessories can also be huge help in creating more unique and original poses!

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Layer it on!

Choose an outfit that can have several layers. By giving yourself several looks in one outfit to work with, you can keep your session full of variety and fresh looks! These pieces can also make for fun props too… hats, coats and scarves especially!

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Cozy up.

Always bring something to sit on during your session! I usually like to get an engagement or family shot of every snuggled up on a soft quilt or blanket. This can add new angles and opportunities for some fun shots.
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Location, Location, Location!

Think about WHERE your photo session will be. Do your outfits complement your surroundings? Think about how your colors, patterns and textures can work with your backgrounds, and be sure to consider if any colors or pattern may clash with the colors you will be set against.

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Shoes Matter.

Make sure you’ve cleaned your shoes up a bit before heading out the door for your session and put away the white sneakers. Bright white sneakers will take all attention away from the outfit itself, and will cause eyes to immediately be drawn to his feet.  It seems minor, but it matters. Ladies, make sure your shoes coordinate with your outfit. If you are using other accessories as your attention pieces, I suggest neutral color heels or flats.  Also, if you choose to wear some fun heels, I suggest bringing a pair of flip flops or flats to save your soles while changing locations!

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Props and Extras.

What are your passions? Think about how you can incorporate these into your session. Again, this is a time to reflect who you are. Bring along props that show the incredible person you are! Also, don’t be afraid to bring along any furniture or furry friends!

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Follow the Leader.

You know your natural style better than anyone else out there. Trust your personality and preferences above all else. My goal is for your photography to reflect the beautiful, original YOU. So don’t be afraid to let your true style shine!

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for more inspiration and ideas, follow my pinterest board dedicated to getting your style right for your session! Just click  here:

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– Julia M. Photography – Wichita Falls, TX Photography Session Style Tips




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