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Pre-Session Guide : What to Expect

Thank you for booking a session with Julia M. Photography! Here are some helpful hints and tips to make sure your session is wonderful!

Tell Your Story

This shoot is intended to capture you and yours naturally! Expect for things to not happen as you imagined. The goal is to tell your true story. Please don’t have anyone practice smiling beforehand, or practice poses. I will always ensure we have many, many options of shots/poses/expressions to choose from. Feel free to let everyone be themselves during the shoot! I will always start with a few posed shots with everyone looking at the camera. After this I love to get shots of you interacting with each other, so be sure to think of good jokes or funny stories to get everyone laughing! Parents, please try to stay away from behind the camera when your child is having their photo taken alone. This gives them a chance to interact with me, and  get great shots of them looking directly at me.

Let me Know

Communication is key. Please be sure to let me know if there is a particular shot, location or pose that you have in mind. I want this session to reflect your vision and your style!

Time + Schedules

Please be on time to your session. My sessions are timed to hit a specific light point during the day, so I would hate for us to miss the last sunny, glowy  hours of the day! If you will be late (or early!) please let me know at least 4 hours before our session. Being on time ensures we get lots of great images, and don’t run out of daylight!!

Bad Weather?

 Unless it is raining or close to freezing, our shoot will still be on! Overcast skies can actually be great for sessions, giving us much more options lighting wise, as there will be no shadows. If I am concerned about the weather, I will text or call you the day before.

If we need to reschedule

Please notify me in as far in advance as possible if we need to reschedule so we can get you another date as soon as possible. Just call or text me at 940-257-4563. There is no charge to reschedule a session.


A majority of my sessions are in natural locations with lots of grass and trees! We will discuss this via email or phone well before the shoot, and I can always send you sample shots of the area if needed. I also have several urban style locations as well ( pretty streets, colorful walls and buildings) if that is the look you are going for.


You know your child best. Bring some of their favorite things to make this a fun experience for them as well! I recommend snacks ( no lollipops or colorful, sticky candy please!) a favorite toy, or maybe some of their favorite songs to play on your phone. Also please bring an extra outfit just in case!!


I have a separate article ALL about what to wear here, as well as a Pinterest board dedicated to ideas on what to wear here


If you choose to bring your pets, I recommend bringing a towel, and definitely a leash!! They will be welcome in most of the photos, but we may want to take a few without as well so we will just make sure they stay close by.

The Day of: What to bring

My cell phone number! It is 940-257-4563.

It’s always a good idea to have tissues, hairspray, makeup/powder on hand. Snacks or treats for the kids

Bring a blanket for some sitting down shots as well! These are great for couples or families.

If you decide to wear heels or shoes you don’t normally wear for long periods of time, be sure to bring  pair of comfy shoes as well in case we do some walking!

Here are some fun images to inspire! 🙂

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