Julia M. Photography : Wichita Falls, TX Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer : Julia M. Photography : Julia Lamberth » Julia Lamberth is a professional Wichita Falls, TX photographer,serving mainly as a wedding photographer and portrait photographer focusing on wedding, engagement, bridal, family and senior photography using natural lighting and the great outdoors.

About Julia M. Photography

Hello friends! I am Julia Lamberth and I am the owner-operator of Julia M. Photography, serving mainly as a wedding photographer and portrait photographer using natural lighting and the great outdoors..

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Here are some things that answer who I am:

1) God. He is the reason I am where I am today. I constantly remind myself that He is the director of my life, and everything good comes from Him. I absolutely LOVE the life He has given me, and follow Him to the best of my abilities every day.

2) My husband, Brent. Brent has traveled this road of my photography business with me from the beginning! He has been the supportive, loving and encouraging part of this business. He keeps me grounded and is a constant reminder of unconditional love.

3) Running, biking,swimming,yoga,hiking anything outside etc…I cannot get enough of the outdoors! Any time I have a free afternoon, you can bet that you will find me running through some trail, or finding a body of water to swim around in

4) Youth Ministry. I love this! I feel God has equipped me with the passion and heart to encourage the youth of this generation. I love getting to be a part of their lives and share with them the love of Christ.

My passion for photography developed at a young age through the love and encouragement of my family and also the opportunity to live and observe life outside of the United States for much of my childhood. Yet after settling here in Wichita Falls, Texas, I have been able to refine my skills and create my own business to pursue my goal of capturing life through photos. I love and live by the idea that photography is about allowing someone to:

be real,
be natural
be you.

 I would be honored to serve as your photographer!

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